GOLD ARTTM, a pure golden art gift, integrating the concept of traditional Chinese painting, the charm of gold and precise handcraft as a whole. It is a magnificent and unfading golden artwork, not only for its beauty but also because gold is known as a uniquely private and exceptional.

Being one of the many big players in the luxury gift industry, GOLD ARTTM has emphasized in delivering the most meaningful gift for our customer. With a touch of history and ancient values from hundreds of years back. Our gifts will always carry a sense of history being reproduced in the modern society.

If you are looking to customize an item that represents a meaningful event, for example your company anniversary or a new product launching, do contact as well.

We have the best artist in this field and would definitely be able to customize your artwork based on your requirement. Be it a company logo, company event theme or even a statue of your boss!

Vision & Mission

We envisioned that GOLD ARTTM shall be a top premium gift which is widely distributed globally. It will be a quality brand which everyone will seek for when there is a thought of presenting a gift for any occasions – celebrations and festivals.

Our mission is to provide premium gifts to as many types and varieties for all types of occasion and festivities for all types of culture and lifestyle globally.


Our products have been tested and certified by GUANGDONG GOLD SILVER JEWELRY TESTING CENTRE and MALAYSIA NM LABORATORY SDN BHD to contain gold.

GOLD ARTTM premium gifts are specially made through an artist creation of traditional Deities and Chinese paintings beautifully crafted and layered with 24k gold (99.9 % purity) which augments the glamour, magnificent and charm of gold.

GOLD ARTTM uses a technique in producing gold layer called “Gold Dust” or “Gold Sand” through the electro plating via water. It is also produced in another traditional handicraft method called gold foil. It is better known as gold leaf as its thickness is less than 0.1 micro thicknesses.

The techniques used to make the process of customization easy as we are able to produce abundance of delicate and intricate designs. All the products are covered by a pure golden layer. The golden layer contains 99.9% 24k gold.